The Grand Del Mar Resort & Golf Course in San Diego, CA

When we Googled "most romantic San Diego resorts" to find a beautiful place close to home to have lunch for our 35th wedding anniversary recently, up popped The Grand Del Mar Resort & Golf Course in San Diego County.

Grand, elegant, and opulent indeed.   (And simple for us to partake because it was a quick drive, and we didn't have to pack to stay overnight, or deal with airline nor airport stresses, so that certainly added to the charm of our "trip.")

Trip Advisor named The Grand Del mar the #1 Luxury Resort in California for 2015.

The lobby is very opulent in design, down to the last detail, and the floral arrangement here, in person, was huge and over-the-top gorgeous--my photo does not do it justice.

Named one of the finest Five Star Properties in the world in 2014 by Forbes.

We had a leisurely lunch on the back outdoor terrace of their Amaya Restaurant which overlooks a large green space where they were hosting a festive event.  In the distance you can see for miles, with mountains as the backdrop.

Before our anniversary day celebrating 35 years together, we each wrote a list of 35 things that we still love about each other, and we read the lists out loud to each other at our lunch. It was great fun, and there were some surprises, even after all these years together!

My trout was beyond tasty.

And my (thin, so he could!) hubs indulged in their gourmet burger.

After lunch we took a walk around the beautiful property.

The gorgeous golf course surrounds the property.

After our walk we went upstairs and had dessert and coffee on a tiny terrace overlooking the amazing swimming pool, where a beautiful gala was being held all afternoon, and some of the ladies were decked out in their pretty hats!

Notice the lovely X garden-hedge sculpture on the left.

This resort is also home to many beautiful weddings.

Afternoon tea is held in the library lounge.

During dessert on the upstairs terrace we exchanged simple gifts and heartfelt cards ...

Our cute waitress brought us these delicious gluten-free muffins from their on-site walk-in coffee shop, called Cent' Anni.  (Where I later bought some delicious loose leaf tea to take home to brew up in my new teapot.)

Beautiful plants and urns are everywhere inside the property--an Old World design delight to the eye.

I took a quick peek at their spa entrance and snapped this shot.  Absolutely beautiful!

The Grand Del Mar  regularly hosts all kinds of gatherings/events, including for kids.

The Grand Del Mar blog, Grand Moments.

Want to stay overnight at the Grand Del Mar?  That will cost you between $500-$6000 per night.

Celebrating the art of simple, charming, elegant living!

Kathryn :)