Organized Shower Power

Our beautiful state of California is under mandatory water restriction usage and therefore our apartment complex is asking residents to do their part by taking five minute showers.  To do that, one needs to be very organized in the shower, in my opinion.  (And have a short haircut!)

I love mesh hanging shower caddies for keeping our shower/tub products organized.  I transitioned to these when we moved into this apartment two years ago because I was constantly replacing those over-the-showerhead metal hanging shower caddies that rusted quickly.  (Even the plastic coated ones rusted.)

These mesh caddies are also nifty because you can toss them in the washing machine, (on gentle so they don't tear), with a little non-toxic bleach to keep them even fresher.

They last a long time and I have not had a problem with the metal grommets rusting.  At all.

They also don't move around annoyingly like those metal holders that send your bottles toppling onto the shower floor, nor do they have suction cups that get slimy.

We hang our mesh shower caddies on these self-stick plastic hooks  that adhere to the shower wall, one caddy in the front of our shower for me, and ...

One in the back for my hubs and his caddy also holds our shower cleaning gear since he cleans the shower and I do the vanity, toilet, floor, and mirrors as our "always clean bathroom team effort."

Be sure to paste up the plastic self-stick hooks when your shower wall is totally dry, and you should be fine.  (Ask me how I know this.)  :)

This little organizing gig helps us take "California five minute showers" now, which we feel we should strive for, to do our part to save our pretty state, and our planet.

Here's to your organized shower, and to using our precious earth's entire water supply wisely.

Celebrating the art of simple, charming, elegant living!

Kathryn :)