Elegantly Charming: Vigilucci's Restaurant in Leucadia, CA

In our ongoing lifestyle M.O. to enjoy outings together in charming and elegant places, my hubby Steve and I like the various Vigilucci's Restaurants in San Diego County.

This is their Leucadia, CA location, called Trattoria Italiana.  (Which means "beautiful Italian food.")

In addition to their fabulous cuisine (more on that below), I love Vigilucci's because of their impeccable and elegant interior design, in all their locations.

See what I mean ...

They always outdo themselves on light fixtures!

Even their bathrooms are beautiful!

Here's a lovely napkin fold I'm going to try at home soon.  :)

My gluten-free chicken piccata and grilled veggie rolls were beyond tasty!  And healthy.

And my hubs loved his  healthy meal too.

Isn't their meal presentation nice?!

Another surprise treat at this location that I discovered upon going to the restroom was their charming back patio.

How fun would this be at night with the little white lights, palm trees, and climbing ivy?!

There are several little cottage-like buildings in the back, all connected by the patio, and if you enter this door you'll see ...

this lovely group setting.

All of the Vigilucci's Restaurants in San Diego County are excellent restaurants in my opinion.

We hope you enjoyed the tour.

View their YouTube video.

Celebrating the art of simple, charming, elegant living!

Kathryn :)