Thursday, May 15, 2014

Organizing Your Daily Life Management Bag

Are you challenged with getting out your front door every morning in an organized manner so that you're ready to take on the day with gusto?

If so, you're not alone; many people struggle with this.

The good news is that there's an easy and affordable solution so that your day will run more smoothly and you'll be less stressed!

Enter your daily life management bag.  Kind of like a baby's diaper bag, only you're the beautiful baby!

I hang my bag on the inside of our front door, (my hubby installed a hook there for me), so that I always know right where it is and can load and unload it easily.  Choose a bag in your favorite color, with the size and style of handles and inner pockets that you like.   Your bag doesn't have to be expensive, but it does need to be well-made and have sturdy handles. And I recommend a top zipper, rather than an open top or just one snap, so that nothing falls out.  Here are plenty of stylish photo examples with varying prices.  You can also use a pretty roller tote if you don't want to carry a bag and if you don't have to navigate stairs often.

Now remember guys, this isn't a purse, it's a life management bag, so you guys can use one too without your buddies giving you a hard time.  (Be a role model of efficient organization and maybe they'll even emulate you!)   My hubby has a soft-sided briefcase style that he uses.  He keeps it beside his desk in our home so he always knows where it is and he takes it to and from work every day.   Here are some photo examples of man bags.

Here's the best part of my life management bag m.o. lately...

Recently I found a newsletter in my email inbox from a company called Great Useful Stuff.  I'm not sure how I came to be on their email list, but I'm glad I did because after perusing their entire website, I think their company is an organizing product WOW!

I especially like their purse essentials pouches and here's why...

I've tried different pouches inside my life management bag before but they were cumbersome because I either used ziplock bags (too slippery) or cloth cosmetic bags I had on hand that were of differing sizes so they didn't fit very well.   Great Useful Stuff's purse organizing pouches are designed size-wise to dovetail together, and they do, even though they are different sizes.

What makes them really unique though are the tabs and metal clip that hold them all together, as shown above.   Brilliant!

That way you can clip them together and you don't have to dig for stuff.  But, if you don't like that m.o., you can always unclasp them and use them separately too.

Of  course, since I like everything romantic-looking and flowery, I personally love the rose-motif of these pouches that come in several colors.  They are limited editions.  (By their website they've had other patterns in the past.)

I also like their cute visual "labels."

In went my phone...

and my glasses...

and my makeup...

and my "etc." which in my case was some band-aids and aspirin and more stuff like that.

Once I loaded the essential purse pouches and clipped them together they fit just dandy inside my life management bag.

I think these purse pouches would make a great affordable and useful gift for bridesmaids, back-to-school/college kids, girlfriend birthdays, and even holiday stocking stuffers.   To name a few gift ideas.

And guess what?  I even tossed the pouches in my washer and dryer to see how they held up, and they came out like a charm--the photos above I took after I washed and dried them and there was no shrinkage or zipper problem at all.  I love a bag I can wash since I'm a bit of a clean freak.  (I know this surprises you!)  :)

Here's to your organized life management bag!

Kathryn :) 

Full Disclosure:  Great Useful Stuff sent me these essential purse pouches free in exchange for this blog product review.   All opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own.  By the way, it looks like a few other "little publications" like Great Useful Stuff too!   :)


Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

Great idea! I love the pretty floral pattern too.

Sonia said...

Those are so pretty..prettier than the baggies I use! LOL.
Miss Bloomers