Wednesday, February 13, 2013

14 Reasons I Love You on Valentine's Day, Hubby Steve

Dear Hubby Steve,

Here are 14 big and little reasons below that I love you this 2/14/13 Valentine's Day!  (And every day!)

My lifestyle challenge to other couples this Valentine's Day?  Write down your own 14 reasons you love your sweetie and share them with each other!

Mine are:

1.  You not only have stayed devotedly and lovingly by my side since we were just 18 and 19 years old, (since we met on March 2, 1977), but you still tell me often that you want to be there.  

2. When I'm worried or upset about something, you always say with a level head and shrugged shoulders of non-concern:  "Babe, it will work out." 

3.  You smell good, you groom well, you bear hug great!

4.  You always proudly call us "The Bechen Team" and say,  "We'll figure it out together."  And somehow, we do.  Even when we wonder how in the world we will!

5.  You've given of your time, talent, and big heart to create all the fun memories we've made together on Our Marital Happy Wall.

6.  You have integrity in your personal and business dealings; you walk your life talk.

7.  Even though I'd never hear you preach about God from a church pulpit, I see you live your quiet humble faith every day but what you do and say.   And I love how you touch the sign of the cross on my forehead every night before we go to sleep.

8.  After all these years together we still dance in the kitchen and let the dirty dishes sit in the sink for awhile.

9.  When I say for the zillionth+ time,  "I have an idea!" still say and grin good naturedly, "Oh boy, here we go again!"
10.  You're the best handyman in the world.  Hands down.  Ever.  (Lucky me since I can barely pound a nail!)

11.  You not only are so proud of my author status; you've invested in so many ways in helping me become the writer I am.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

12.  Obstacles in life don't deter you; they just make you more determined to do your best.  Quietly.

13.  You still tell me,  "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."  Ditto kiddo!  (And yes, even on the days we annoy each other which of course happens when you have "done life" together for so many years.)

14.  I love that the private marital bond we share during pillow talk is sacred between just the two of us and God.

Babe, I LOVE YOU on Valentine's Day!  You're my prince.

Your wife of nearly 33 years,
Kathryn :)


A Romantic Porch said...

Oh my goodness Kathryn. This is so beautiful and well written. It is breathtakingly heart felt.

I came to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. I want to thank you for YOUR influence in my life to live well.

xo rachel

Vonnie said...

Wow! We have so much in common & I wanted you to know that mainly... I almost printed your 14 reasons for mine!! My husband & I have been married 33 years too this May!I was barely 17 & he was 19, I call him "Babe" and I'm "Babygirl" just a few of the differences