Friday, January 18, 2013

Creating a Home Spa Sanctuary for Your Body & Soul

"Sanctuary, on a personal level, is where we perform the job of taking care of our soul."

 Christopher Forrest McDowell

With all the demands pressing in on all of us in these busy modern times, finding time to take care of our body properly is a big job for most of us, let alone worry about caring for our soul.  :)  But alas,  I think taking care of both body and soul is important to living our best lives possible, and it's wise to create a little private "spa sanctuary" at home for ourselves.  (Also known as...the bathroom.)   After all, some of the best genius thinking in history has been done in the bathtub or shower!

You don't need a big deluxe bathroom like you see in glossy home magazines to create a little home spa--you just need some imagination, creativity, and a few dollars.  Tips from my own home spa as shown in the pix above:

1.  Lotions and Potions.  Clear your bathroom counter of all store-bought lotion and potion bottles and transfer the contents into attractive glass decanters and lotion dispensers etc.  You can do this with everything from your mouthwash to your liquid hand soap to your cottonballs.  These are easy to find at discount stores and be sure to look in the kitchen section as well as  the bathroom aisle.  Or, check your kitchen cabinets and see if you already have some pretty glass containers that will work.  A couple of my decanters above even have a monogram "K" on the front, thanks to some savvy sleuthing at Marshalls years ago.

2.  Posh Towels.  Buy yourself two full sets of the poshest towels you can find in a color you absolutely adore. Thick, thirsty, sumptuous!  You can find these on sale for great prices at discount stores if you hunt a bit for the thickest ones.  Or treat yourself to plush organic towels during online January white sales. I found two little white tea towels at Tuesday Morning a few months ago that have a beautiful gray "K" monogram; keep your eyes open when you shop.

3.  Pretty PJs.  Hang your very best PJs and robes, (no ratty ones allowed!) from decorative hooks mounted on the back of your bathroom door.  If you need to buy some attractive new PJs, look for quality brand names at discount stores, or shop the sales at better department stores.  Amazon has silk robes and PJs, and Gaiam has lovely organic PJs in both cotton and silk with varying discounts at times.  If you order through their sites via Ebates, you also get a rebate check mailed to you, on top of the sale price!  Watch Ebates for their daily double rebates too, frugalista sistah!

4.   Oil & Water.  Once you have your bathroom "spa sanctuary" all set up, treat yourself to a long warm relaxing bath by adding in a cup of inexpensive but luxurious Epsom salts and 2-3 essential lemon oil drops to your bathtub water.   Sheer bliss!  (Ebates gives a 6% rebate check on all Vitacost orders.)

5.  Tea & Honey.  Oh, and don't forget--before you hop in your warm tub to luxuriate, be sure you make yourself a big cup of tea with honey to sip while you're soaking!  Vitacost has wonderful herbal organic tea at fab prices, and again, you'll get a rebate if you order through them via Ebates.  I especially love their lemon balm tea. They even sell honey too!

6.  A' La Luxury Spa! And last but not least, if you're really lucky on your spa shopping, you'll find a cute picture that says "Luxury Spa" like I did for my bathroom as shown in the photo above.

Soap, soak, sip, and savor your spa-at-home sanctuary!
Kathryn :) 

Full Disclosure:  I received no compensation at all for mentioning the retail links listed in this blog post and the opinions herein are solely my own based on my personal experiences.


Painting with seasons said...

Hello Kathryn,
What a pleasure to read your blog, always full of good ideas an advice. I picked here and there some of your ideas about the bathroom :o) and concerning life's little luxuries, I spend money for seasonal flowers if possible and some little things I have seen in the decoration shop (a pretty box or a pot-pourri).

Enjoy your weekend under the beautiful sun of California. Here in my area (the region of Paris) we are experiencing a very bad weather : icy and snowy so we are confined at home.


Kathryfn said...

Hi Helene,

So glad you enjoy fresh flowers! Icy and snowy weather in Paris makes it the perfect time for a bubblebath! Enjoy! Kathryn :)