Monday, April 9, 2012

Nouveaux Cottage

When I've been asked during media interviews to describe my decorating style in my own urban apartment home, I admit, (shhhh, don't tell anybody!), that I often have trouble verbalizing it.  That's because my style is not really Shabby Chic, and not totally Cozy Cottage, and not exactly Old World Garden, nor Handy Husband, even though my decorating taste embraces elements of all those styles.

Some of my friends and readers have, (over-kindly, bless their hearts), described our urban apartment to me as elegant, but I don't really think I'd call it elegant myself since I love shopping for quality "finds" at discount stores like Home Goods, TJ MaxxRoss, flea markets, and antique stores, and I reserve the term "elegant" for much fancier homes filled with very expensive furnishings like actress Brooke Shields' impeccably decorated New York brownstone.  (As it turns out, according to the author of Brooke's home article, she and I are both "real estate romantics," but that's another blog post!)

So imagine my delight when I hit upon a new decorating term online recently:  "nouveaux cottage."   That's it, I thought!  That's my personal decorating style!  So with bated breath I quickly clicked on the "nouveaux cottage" link and tumbled vicariously into a beautiful world of  neutral never-never land.  Eyes glazed over, I persued "nouveaux cottage" with the passion of a bestselling romance novelist's main character rescuing his beloved damsel-in-distress from a tortuous fate.   Click, click, click...from online bedrooms to bathrooms to dining bliss and beyond, "nouveaux cottage" called my name.  And then, just as the clock struck midnight, this Cinderella "nouveaux cottage" fairytale came to a grinding halt when I suddenly realized that in order to accurately be able to call my own decorating style "nouveaux cottage,"  I had to be one magical little thing:

Nouveaux riche.  :)

Ah well, I'm off to Home Goods now, as any "nouveaux budget-sensible gal" will tell you, is the very best place for the real-life "nouveaux cottage" set to hang out!

Kathryn :)


Katherine Hawkins said...

Kathryn... I definitely agree with the elegant description... "elegance" really means refined, tasteful & graceful (not necessarily big & over the top) & I think that your beautiful space exudes all of that! I do think that the "nouveaux cottage" speaks to the style really well though. Your living rooms is truly lovely & serene.

Kathryn Bechen said...

Hi Katherine! Nice to hear from you and thank you for the nice compliments about my home. That's especially nice to hear coming from a successful interior designer like yourself! :) Hope you are having a great spring!

Kathryn :)

Doug Hopeman said...

First I want to say that I love that you created some privacy for your in town apartment with all of those amazing outdoor plants. They do a great job creating the privacy you want and still great sunlight. And 2nd I love the term nouveaux cottage. I am going to steal that term and use it with my friends. I do all my shopping at home goods and TJ Max and we have a great hodge podge of fun cool furniture in my home that matches but doesn't look like it is out of pottery barn magazine!

Kathryn said...

Hi Doug,

Nice to meet you and glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for your feedback.