Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to Clean Your Silk Plants

If your silk plants are dusty, here's an easy way to clean them.  (And you!) Take a shower with your silk plants. Seriously! I just stick two or three at a time in the end of my tub when I take my morning shower.  After I shut the shower off, I turn the plants over to remove any excess water from the pot or leaves and then I leave them in the shower all day long to dry. 

Just sharing a little multi-tasking housekeeping public service announcement for those of you who, like me and my hubby, do all your own housecleaning yourselves, vs. hiring a maid.  :)

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Kathryn :)


Emily Micucci said...

I love the multitasking approach to cleaning silk plants! We advise our customers to put them in a plastic bag with a bit of salt and shake them around. The salt grabs the dust and wipes it away. But, I look forward to sharing your shower advice now:)

Emily Micucci,

Kathryn Bechen said...

That's a good method too, Emily. Thanks for sharing it. :) Kathryn

Emily Micucci said...

No problem! Look forward to reading more here!