Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reader Mailbox

I LOVE hearing from you, my dear readers!

Sharing a few of your sweet e-mails here...

Your article "Small Space Savvy in a Big Stuff World" was another great article. It warmed my heart to hear you telling us to give, yes that was GIVE, unwanted items away. I love your attitude to donate it to those less fortunate to oneself and be blessed. Keep banging your gentle drum Kathryn and I will do my best to follow your wonderfully simple practical advice.

--Sarah Davis, North Yorkshire, England

I have admired you and the things you write for some time. I'm really enjoying your blog, and just wanted you to know how much I enjoy what you write. Thank you for the inspiration.

--Rachel Going, A Covered Porch

I am so glad I found your blog. I have been reading it all weekend as I organized my home office. 2009 finds me digging out with a renewed purpose and the tone of your blog kept me focused and encouraged as I worked. I love your style and everything you write is timely and helpful! Thank you!

--Ginger Vawter, Star Consultant, Southern Living at HOME

I know I've said this before, but it's still true:  you are a class act.  I appreciate you taking time to mention me and my book in your newsletter.  More people should take a page from your book (no pun intended) about how to build and sustain friendly business alliances. 

--Rena Bullard, Interior Decorator and Author of  DIY Color Confidence

I vote for your blog as a mandatory read for those who are stressed out; it promotes the beauty of our spaces around us...nothing rude or angry or offensive...just beautiful and kind. Thank you for being such a delight to talk to us on the Catalina Express boat trip; once we were strangers and then we were not. :)

--Arianne Vernia, Realtor, So Cal Bankers

I just wanted you to know how much I love your e-newsletter; it lights up my month with an hour or two's dreaming of cozy firesides. I am sitting here giggling as I am working on my Masters in Dyslexia here in the UK and your newsletters and links offer me guilty pleasures; I am having to be so strict with myself to get work done! A thousand thank yous for the continued joy your newsletters bring me.

--Sarah Hey, North Yorkshire, England

You are so spot on looking at what we can be grateful for instead of finding fault, I to try to live day to day that way, but a FABULOUS reminder such as yours is just the boost that anyone can use to stay on track!  Thanks for giving the world something to smile about!!!

--Judy Pelinski, Fresh Look Interiors

You are a true friend to share your gift of writing with all. I love your blog post about living life in Technicolor; what a cool concept! Sending you a big hug!

--Lee, Entrepreneur in SoCal

Your blog is one of my favorites. I love reading your beautifully written posts and your e-newsletter. I will take the analogy of always looking at the positive/glass half full any day. Thank you also for sharing your organizing tips.

--Erin Houghton, Artist, The Painted Garden

"From reading your blog, it seems you strive to make each day extraordinary. That is how my husband and I have tried to live our life and raise our family. We are doing well, but like many others, we have walked some extreme difficulty with the economic situation, and I suppose one of the things I am pondering most is when to let go of dreams and when to hold on. I pray and study God's word for His leading in my life. However, I find new thoughts and inspiration when I read your blog. For this, I thank you. I admire you and your desire to live an extraordinary lifestyle, and to get to meet or talk to you would be an unbelievable experience for me."

--Name anonymous by request for privacy

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your e-newsletter; it always perks up my day.   I vacillate between wanting the cottage look and wanting to look organized--your writings show a middle road.  I love your mission statement and  I'm so excited for your new book!

--Gayle Starker, Vancouver, WA

Since February is Valentine's Day, here is a huge hug and thank you for your wonderful site and blog. It's a resource for good sense, lovely inspiration, and kindness. Thank you!!

--Ginger in Georgia

Thank you for giving us lots of inspiring and informative posts on your blog and many pretty photos as well!

--Ruth Welter, Artist, Artful Creations

I love your office photos on your blog. But what I really love is the "window" you created with the drapes behind your bed. Just lovely.

--Penny Carlson, Mosaic Artist, Lavender Hill Studio

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful blog post about the wedding garden gala. It was almost like I was at the party with you!

--Lidy, Little French Garden House

Your blog is always so informative and fun! I am looking forward to reading your wedding articles!

--Kathleen Grace, Kathy's Cottage

I love your Blog Bliss and Bed & Breakfast Bliss Awards! Who doesn't love a B&B?! Thanks for opening the door for us to enjoy this with you.

--Tina Smith, Cherry Hill Cottage

Great newsletter and article! Thanks for sharing! Your writing is so genuine and caring.

--Lori Bowers, The Lori Bowers Group Desert Properties

I really enjoy your newsletters and the information you write about. Thank you for sharing.

--Alesha Churba, A.E. Churba Design, LLC

Thanks to you, my creative juices have started flowing again as I try and surround myself with beauty. I have forwarded your website and newsletter on to all my friends in Dallas.

--Becky Chapman, Designer, Chapman Cottage

Congratulations, Kathryn. You are a very accomplished writer and a woman who encourages others.

--Carmen Eichman, Silver Bell Cottage

Hello, Kathryn. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter and blog!

--Debbie Huber, Shabby Cozy Cottage

After receiving your newsletter I had a big smile on my face and am remembering what many things I have to be thankful for! Honestly, you are just so sweet!

--Brooke Fleming, Bella Rose Cottage

I LOVE your blog! The colors are yummy! I can't wait to go back and read more.

--Michelle Erbach, Vintage Pastiche

Just a note that I found your blog and I love it!

--Tara Fry, Author of Blogging for Bliss

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