Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Life FAVEs List

Do you have a "Life FAVEs" list? By that I mean, what things make you positively glow?!

Here's my list of FAVEs in life, in no particular order:

Living simply, but beautifully

Walking on the beach under glorious sunshine

Teaching reading to wide-eyed first-graders

Receiving letters and e-mails from readers who say I've brightened their day or inspired them

Lunch at quaint bistros overlooking the ocean

Scottish Fold kitties (I had two of them, Beau & Monique, for nearly 15 years)

Travel with my husband to Bed & Breakfast inns

People who are kind, gracious, and considerate of others

A thrifty bargain that's also beautiful

Gentlemen who open doors for women

Women who treat men with respect

Writing a handwritten thank-you note

Quaint town squares

Creating a beautiful it a house, condo, or apartment...and no matter what the size

Books, books, and more books...especially on a rainy day

Doing a random act of kindness

Three-day weekends

Green and organic living

All-white decor

A talented and loyal hairdresser

Hot tea in a pretty cup

Faith in God's grace through Jesus Christ

Colorful cottage-style decorating

The creative entrepreneurs I write for/about

Light jazz music

Composing your life story through scrapbooks

Art fairs in quaint villages or beautiful cities

Curling up in front of the fire with my hubby and a veggie pizza on a Friday night

Keeping a budget so you spend on things that contribute to a quality lifestyle, and contribute to charity

Writing home articles for magazines

Cappuccino in a BIG cup

Meeting a new kindred spirit who becomes a friend

Browsing home design stores and boutiques in person and online

Writing, writing, writing...especially on a rainy day

A beautiful church service

Picturesque Sunday afternoon drives

Libraries in small towns

Donating a portion of my e-book sales to charity

Fascinating cities

Charming seaside and New England villages

Meeting talented professional designers, decorators, and organizers

My readers I've met through my writing

Art museums

Author friends

Opening night of a fabulous play

Tropical quaint islands like Captiva Island, Florida and Catalina Island, California

Baking cookies on a rainy day

Setting a pretty table and making a special dinner for my husband or friends

Sharing my lifestyle message of "home as a nurturing haven" with my readers

I encourage you today to write up your Life FAVEs list! 

Kathryn  :)

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