Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feel Free to Quote Me!

Feel free to quote me, Kathryn Bechen, as saying...

I'd be honored if you'd quote me as saying the organizing, decorating, and lifestyle quotes below. I just ask that if you use one of my original quotes, that you add my website URL,, at the end, along with with my name. Also, please e-mail me the link where you published my quote and I will add your link to my website/blog. Thank you!

QUOTES by Kathryn Bechen...

"A true home is really about the size of your heart, not about the size of your space." (From my book, Small Space Organizing)

"Home isn't just a physical shelter; home is the place where people orchestrate the symphony of their lives."

"An orderly and attractive home is a nurturing haven for the spirit, the place where we go to fill up our internal well of joy so that we can go out into the world and use the personal gifts God has given us to help others."

"Simple living to me is a high-rise condo with a maintenance man; simple living to my friend is a tent and a roasted wienie."

"Small spaces give us the opportunity to live sincerely, forcing us to choose which of our possessions make our hearts sing." (From my book, Small Space Organizing)

"Plan as if you'll live to age 100; live as if tomorrow will not come." (From my e-book, Organizing Tips & Quips)

"It not only takes two to tango--it takes two mates working as a team to create a happy dance at home."

"Being organized doesn't restrict your creativity; it enhances it."

"Dear Lord, please let me not let myself get so busy that I fail to pass through the doorway of appreciating life's simple pleasures." From my e-book, Doorways to Grace

"Flowers are God's poetry."

"May your home life embrace you today with happy colors and the love of family and friends."

"When choosing a mate, observe and realize that their level of organizational skills will affect your marriage partnership, and the future family you create together, in profound ways."

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