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Copyright & Policies

A little biz buzz...

BUSINESS STATUS:   Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK  is a sole proprietor and is not a business partner with any other business, website, or blogger.   

COPYRIGHT:  All writing and photos on this blog are covered under their respective copyrights and may not be republished or reprinted from this blog by any other party or publication.

Magazine cover photo of Small Room Decorating magazine taken by Wendell T. Webber and posted on this blog with permission of the magazine publisher.

Book cover design/photo for my Small Space Organizing book is copyrighted Baker Publishing Group/Revell Books and is being used and posted on this blog with their permission.

If you want to quote any material or use my book cover image from my book, Small Space Organizing, in order to comply with copyright laws, you must contact my book publisher here for their permission. 

PRODUCT AND BOOK REVIEWS:   I am sometimes provided a product or book from an author, publisher, or manufacturer for review purposes, and sometimes I buy products myself and review them because I want them for my own personal use, and/or because I think my readers might find them useful.   In any event, all product and book reviews on this blog are solely my own sincere opinion at the time I reviewed the particular book or product.  If I am compensated in any way for a review, I state that on this blog. Please form your own educated and informed opinion as a conscientious consumer when reading my reviews. Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK  cannot be held liable for any result you might experience from any review or information on  this blog/website.  Also, I cannot control the content or advertising on others' blogs or websites, nor can I control any changes they might make to their books and products or company after I review them here.

AFFILIATE LINKS:   My Amazon store is set up with affiliate links which means if you purchase a product or book through my Amazon store link, I will be paid a small affiliate commission from Amazon.  All products and books listed in my Amazon store are those I like personally and professionally, but every consumer is different so use your own best consumer common sense for your personal situation when purchasing products.  Any problems or returns with merchandise purchased through my Amazon store need to be resolved through Amazon and/or their vendors.  Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK cannot assist you with product returns nor with any problems you might possibly encounter purchasing items through my Amazon store, nor is Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK liable for any problems or product defects you might encounter in purchasing products through my Amazon store.

There may be other affiliate links posted on this blog as it evolves over time.  An affiliate link means I get a commission from the link vendor only if you purchase a product through my link on this blog.

ADVERTISING: Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK does not accept paid advertising on this website/blog.

GUEST POSTS:  Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK does not accept guest posts or articles from others.

Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK does not write free guest blog posts or blog articles or act as a "guest contributor" for other blogs, nor authorize them to illustrate her original articles with their own, or others' photos.

BLOG COMMENTS: I love to hear kind words from my readers. Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK reserves the right to delete any blog comment that is not constructive, and comments intending to advertise or spam will be deleted.

INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT & PHOTO DISCLAIMER:  I am unable to control and do not necessarily endorse or agree with others' written content, advertising, or photos in websites, blogs, or magazines that have also published my own articles and photos.

I am unable to control what photos magazines or newspapers and their respective online sites might use, or change use of at a later date to illustrate my articles I've been hired to write for them, and I might not know, and/or necessarily agree with the photos they have used to illustrate my articles because the publications control the photos, not the writer.

I never (knowingly) link to another blog or website, or review products or books, that contain offensive or inappropriate or pornographic content or photos.  Should you see offensive or inappropriate content or photos on any blog, website, or book that has been linked to or reviewed on my blog, please notify me immediately here and the link or review will be immediately removed from my blog.  Again, I can't monitor others' content or photos continuously, but I strive to adhere to this policy at all times.

Thank you for your interest in Kathryn Bechen/Kathryn Bechen INK.

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