Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Decorating Without Divorcing (TM)

 Kathryn and Steve Bechen's living room and balcony that they
organized and decorated together.  

Are you and your mate in agreement over how to decorate your home? Have you successfully "married" your tastes? Are you organizational opposites? I wrote a poem, "Decorating Without Divorcing" back in 2005, and since I'll be teaching a decorating seminar in February for couples, I thought I'd publish my poem on my blog once again:
Decorating Without Divorcing
by Kathryn Bechen
Copyright 2005  Kathryn Bechen and Kathryn Bechen
All rights reserved worldwide.

The couple's home was a nightmare
with junk everywhere.
Said she, "I can't even sit on my chair!"
"But it's my project for work," said he with a grin.
"If I move it to my Lazy Boy, I won't even fit in!"
"Your Elk head us so ugly,"
said she with dismay.
"Please hang it in the garage
so I don't have to see it every day!"
"Well your pantyhose are hanging
in the bathroom and they drip,"
said he with a big pout of his lip.
"I know--let's redecorate!"
she exclaimed with a smile.
He replied, "Well that's an idea
that we can't afford for quite awhile!"
"But those purple walls are just hideous,"
she said, putting her hands on her hips.
"Well, I like the purple with the red trim,"
he replied with vigor--didn't matter to him!
She pondered awhile because
she knew of course,
that if she could only convince him,
it would be cheaper than a divorce!
Suddenly out of nowhere
they both heard a loud voice.
"It's God," it boomed,
"Now you two have a choice!"
"Now listen up; just listen to me--
if you work together on this,
you'll both be happy--you'll see!"
So they listened and heard
what God told them to do.
And then they knew their home
could be lovely, for two!
"Let's figure out what's important to each,"
she said, "And how we can decorate
within our financial reach."
"I can handle that!"
said he and gave her a hug.
"Okay honey, you can buy that rug!"
"Oh darling, you're a dear!"
she exclaimed with a kiss.
"Why we're again on our way
To sublime wedded bliss!"
:) Kathryn :)

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