Wednesday, May 13, 2009

La Jolla Secret Garden Tour Photos

Let's walk down this brick path together and enjoy the La  Jolla, CA
Secret Garden Tour 2009...

It was a nice aesthetic break from my writing assignments to spend last Saturday with my hubby Steve on our annual La Jolla, CA Secret Garden Tour. One of the homes on the tour was the Darlington House shown above, which is used for weddings and other events.

A harpist played beautiful soft melodies as we walked through the gardens...

And artists painted and various interior designers set beautiful tables for us all to enjoy...

A picnic table was set up deep in a hillside canyon...a quiet place for rest and rejuvenation...

How about a a little pond wading?

Numerous interior designers set up table vignettes and I especially liked this one with its colorful lemons and red accents.

An Asian-inspired bridge overlooked this beautiful canyon and the Pacific Ocean.

How about a dip in the backyard pool?

There were few flowers on the tour this year. Most of the homes showed lovely landscaping with just greenery. But I did notice these beautiful roses.

I thought these green apples in this planter were a clever touch.

It was a sultry but beautiful day with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

I loved this Asian themed table with its vibrant blue and red.

One of the homes was an "outdoor art studio" where the neighborhood children could come to paint on the walls. How fun! Count me in!

Let's sit a bit and drink in the fresh ocean air...

I loved this sweet little bird nest on this table setting...

And this beautiful old tree made me smile....

As did this little birdhouse on this bench...

This gnome hides in one of the gardens every year. He's a real man!

Hubby Steve enjoying the view...

I also loved this "Old World" wall vignette of aged planters and artifacts.

I hope you enjoyed the 2009 La Jolla, CA Secret Garden Tour!

Continue to Bloom!


Ruth Welter said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely and elegant tour Kathryn.


A Romantic Porch said...

The green apples in the planter at the base of the tree are fabulous...what a great idea! Thank you so much for the birthday greeting. I appreciate you taking time to drop past my blog! I wasn't able to be on the computer AT ALL yesterday, so just now announced my give away winner. Have a wonderful week dear Kathryn.

Mary said...

Such a fun tour - I love La Jolla. During visits I've have only been able to sigh over the exterior entry views as we've driven by - typical tourists! Great to see what's hiding behind those walls!!

Enjoying your current newsletter - congrats. on your anniv. - being 'oldyweds' (we hit 44 this year) is fun isn't it Kathryn!

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