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Bed & Breakfast Bliss Award--Britt Scripps Inn, San Diego, CA

Welcome to Britt Scripps Inn--San Diego, CA
Dear Blog Friends,
I admit it! As a writer, it was the copy on the website of the Britt Scripps Inn that drew me in! (Let's just say the writer likely writes romance novels in her spare time! In any event, I know good writing when I see it!) Because the stellar writing intrigued me, I asked my hubby to take a much needed vacation day away from our busy work schedules and head over for our 63rd B&B stay since 1987. He agreed and we hopped in the car, drove about ten miles, and stayed there for a romantic getaway night of relaxation and rejuvenation. Ah, bliss!
And fortunate gal that I am, I managed to snag the master suite for just $225 as it was a "discount day" on their calendar and the room rents vary day by day and go to up to as much as $600 per night! I had a lucky B&B star over my head, to be sure. :)
I hope you'll pour yourself a cup of tea and venture virtually along with me to this stupendous, over-the-top gorgeous Victorian Grand Dame of an inn. All factors considered, I rate the Britt Scripps Number 1 of the 63 Inns we've stayed in, and here's why...

The inn is located right in the heart of downtown San Diego and is a step back in time as it overlooks high rise condos, huge hotels, and upscale restaurants.

Palm trees abound on the property, and some of them are as tall as the house!

I love the turret! Kind of like Romeo and Juliet. :)

Due to a six million dollar renovation, every inch of the house, both inside and out is absolutely impeccable.

I also love the colors they chose and the foliage around the house is truly"San Diego style" flora and fauna.
This beautiful arbor is home to many weddings and lovely outdoor parties.

A carpet of foliage covers the arbor to shield the bright San Diego sun, which shines nearly 365 days a year.

The gardens have a patio where guests can have a cup of tea or sip a glass of wine. Divine!

This sweet brick path leads to the cottage style carriage house.

The carriage house cottage is too charming! I was not able to get photos of the inside as someone was staying there. (Lucky them!)

Probably the most spectacular thing about this house is these absolutely gorgeous stained glass windows on the west side. I took this shot while overlooking the large ornate staircase.

The staircase ended by the windows and a Victorian baby grand piano.

Closeup of one of the windows. Isn't it stunning?!

As is this one!

And this one!

I also love the two stately light fixtures at the end of the staircase.

Here's a better view of them.
The parlor and breakfast rooms are on each side of the staircase.

Hubby Steve enjoyed reading the newspaper in the parlor. Check out that beautiful Victorian fireplace! The blue tile is original and a luscious blue.

The parlor boasts exquisite Victorian furniture.

Isn't the grand piano....well, grand?!!

We were waited on hand and foot by Eileen, a young gal from New York who works at the inn and does a wonderful job. She is friendly and charming and just perfect for the job. As a visual artist, she has a nice touch with flower arranging and did a super job with decorating the wine and cheese tray.

Eileen told us this tile mosaic in the downstairs bathroom is original to the home.

I absolutely love this tile painting of the lady with the urn! So charming and elegant!

The house has details that are absolutely impeccable, both original, and those put in during the renovation. Thank goodness the owner had foresight enough to preserve this beautiful landmark San Diego home!

More detail.

And more on the staircase.

I also was enamored with the light fixtures. Gorgeous!

This one is in the breakfast room and I love their choice of three paint colors. Not easy to pull that coordination off!

The ceiling in this room is very uniquely detailed.

Love the ceiling rosette!

One of the bedrooms, complete with delightfully charming Victorian wicker furniture.

All of the beds are ornately carved and the original woodwork around the doors is painted beautiful colors to match the decor.

Or perhaps a brass bed is more to your liking?

I absolutely adored this bed! It reminds me of a childhood home I lived in that had antique dressers like this.

Now for our room...the Master Suite...the Balboa Room. The bathroom has this beautiful cameo tile. Every room has a modernized bathroom made to look authentically Victorian.

I love the claw foot bath tub. The feet are ornate silver.

The best room in the house! Our room! The painting on the wall is so pretty and so well matched to the room that I could not stop looking at it. It drew me in!

Notice the ceiling in our room!

But best of all was the bed! Beautifully carved wood and soooooooo comfortable with 1000 thread count sheets! No kidding! Fit for a Queen and I was lucky enough to feel like one for a night. So restful. So restorative.

Our room even had a cute little patio that is part of the turret and overlooks the downtown San Diego skyline.

The breakfast room has this charming Victorian tea cart and white linens and flowers on the tables. Our white linen breakfast napkins were even monogrammed with a "B"
for Britt Scripps.
I love all the windows in the doors in the breakfast room.

Eileen had an artful way of putting little fresh flowers around on all of the food trays.

Hubby Steve enjoying our breakfast. Eileen even put a rose petal on the top of my overturned crystal water glass. I have gleaned many great decorating and entertaining ideas over the years from staying in inns! It's been like a school.

French toast was served and was quite delectable. We were even given a menu of choices for breakfast which we have never had in any of the inns we've stayed in and we thought that was a lovely and unique B&B touch.

Their white chocolate scones are to die for!

As I said, the details were impeccable at this inn, down to the sticker that adorned the triangle-folded toilet paper!!
If you've never stayed in a B&B before, do try the Britt Scripss Inn in San Diego. It's just the best of the best....the home, the staff, the service, the garden, the carriage house cottage, the arbor, the view of downtown San Diego! It's a gracious package deal and for the fee of only $225, we had a marvelously glorious and restful stay!
'Til Next Time!

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