Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kind Client Kudos on Mentoring a New Writer

I was blessed recently to be hired to consult with and mentor a talented lady who wants to turn her writing skills into a freelance writing business. To my delight, I received this lovely thank-you packet, beautifully presented, in my mailbox yesterday. (I can't wait to settle in for a spa for the spirit break using the teabag she sent me!)

I'd like to introduce you to my lovely new writing client/mentee:

"Dear Kathryn,

Thank you for taking my hand in this writing journey and for daring to envision the possibilities with me! I so appreciate what God has poured into you and your willingness to share it. Onward & Upward!"   --Karen June Miller

When someone can express a sentiment in such an eloquent way, I have no doubt in my mind that Karen will be getting paid for her writing skills very soon. Be sure to read her beautiful blog,, where you will notice her distinctive writing voice and beautiful presentation. In just a short time, her blog already has fans from around the world!

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