Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Monday, May 18, 2015

La Jolla Secret Garden Tour 2015

My hubs and I attended the 17th annual LaJolla Secret Garden Tour on Saturday, and what a lovely tour it was!   Huge thanks to the LaJolla Historical Society for all they did to put together this wonderful event, to the homeowners who graciously shared their homes for all to enjoy, and to the many volunteers and sponsors who were listed in the event brochure.

We try to go to this garden tour every year to just enjoy the beauty, the SoCal sunshine, and to have a fun lunch outside together at a LaJolla restaurant.

This year my hubs and I started our garden tour day with a hearty breakfast at the cute little Come On In! Cafe, and our food and coffee were just yummy.

The Come On In! is located in this cozy courtyard area that has recently been all renovated.

First home:

Southern California is indeed surfer country!

Isn't this a great privacy fence?!

Next home:

This next garden isn't at a home but is at The Children's School in LaJolla, which has an amazing big campus for experiential learning, and this is only a very tiny part of it:

Yes, the kids have their own gardens!

This is a Pepper Tree, which I dare say is very OLD.

Next home:

Dinner alfresco, anyone?!

Next home:

Yes, that's a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean you see in the background, from this home's backyard ...

Next home (historical property):

Loving this placemat!

Isn't this about the cutest umbrella you've ever seen?!

Next is a new La Jolla restaurant, Catania ...

I loved their stylish turquoise water bottles that they served our tap water from ...

You can sit high up at an outdoor bar here and view the ocean while you eat ...

My hubs loved his kale salad and ...


And I loved my chicken dish.  Just delish!

Catania is located upstairs in the new Moroccan-inspired La Plaza La Jolla.

The La Plaza La Jolla building also has really gorgeous planters and plants all over.  The bird here, however cute, is ...


It was truly a magical day today for the 17th Annual La Jolla Secret Garden Tour.

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