Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Art Alive! San Diego 2014

It's Art Alive! time of year again in San Diego!  My hubby Steve and I try to go  every year to this lovely event at the beautiful San Diego Museum of Art which is located in gorgeous and historical Balboa Park, a long-time San Diego landmark that's home to several beautiful museums, architecture, botanical gardens, and more.   Balboa Park's motto is "A landscape of arts and culture."  During Art Alive! local floral creators showcase their over-the-top floral arrangements which depict original painting and sculptures from all over the world, from all eras.

No one is allowed to photograph the floral arrangements due to the fragile nature of the nearby art, but we were able to photograph the gorgeous floral decor in the museum's entrance/rotunda so I am sharing that with you here.

The entrance fountain.

Due to the neon lighting this year, my photos did not turn out as well as previous years, but you can still see the beauty.

This staircase leads to more paintings upstairs.

After Art Alive! we strolled over to the new outdoor Sculpture Court Cafe which is adjacent to the museum.  It's really charming, billing itself as "a European-style al fresco cafe specializing in handcrafted cuisine using only the freshest ingredients."  We only had a Perrier to drink there so I can't comment on their food, but the al fresco setting is very nice!  And it's a very big outdoor eating and lounging area.

Looking out from the Sculpture Court Cafe there's a huge green park-like area of lawn with more sculptures.

And more of Balboa Park's beautiful architecture.

If you ever travel to San Diego, be sure to check out Balboa Park, and if you come in April, be sure to go to Art Alive!

In future posts, I'll be sharing more photos of beautiful Balboa Park.   Their rose garden was in full bloom and incredibly beautiful!!  'Til I post those photos, here's one other whimsical site I took a quick snapshot of while we were there:

I told you Balboa Park is a fun and interesting place for all!

Kathryn :) 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Bistro Buddy!

Happy Birthday to my "Bistro Buddy!"  Love you, my dear sweet man. xxoo :)

My hubby Steve chose the Rancho Santa Fe Bistro for his recent celebratory birthday dinner.  Huge thanks to the entire staff for making our evening so pleasant, including the wonderful service from our waiter Evan, the great food, and the luscious complimentary desserts, complete with birthday candle!  If you're ever in San Diego and want a charmingly romantic outdoor "sooooo SoCal" dining experience, it's a sweet little place to go!  Their patio plants are beginning to look really lush now that spring is here!

Kathryn :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Declutter Your Wallet for One Free Kiss

My  hubby Steve showed me this out of the blue the other day--he has carried around this ticket in his wallet since Christmas 1977, along with my 1980 college graduation photo.

I was stunned that he still had these in his wallet, but I don't know why I was so surprised since he's very sentimental in many ways.

I teased him,  "That's very sweet honey, but Lordy, 37 years is a LONG time to go without decluttering your wallet, don't you think?!"

He just smiled.

The back of the 1977 ticket says:  "Merry Christmas!  Good for one free KISS!"

I told you we are both incurable romantics.  :)

And with that, I'll give YOU one free virtual kiss TODAY if you declutter your wallet soon!

How to Declutter Your Wallet in 10 Easy Steps
by Kathryn Bechen
 Copyright 2014

1.  Before you ever start decluttering your wallet, ask yourself if your existing wallet itself needs to be replaced.  If so, shop for a new wallet first.  And buy one you love!  Mine's purple so using it is fun!

2.  Once you like your wallet--new or old--go through every pocket and pouch carefully, one at a time, and lay everything out on your kitchen table.  Don't leave anything valuable inside!

3.  If there are any expired or outdated cards, receipts and notes, order new ones if appropriate.  Shred any that no longer apply to your life.   Sort the contents remainder in a way that makes sense to you.  (Just like your home filing system, it has to make sense to you.)

4.  Be sure you keep your personal emergency contact info. in your wallet.  I write mine on the back of my biz card.  Or you can type it on your computer, print it out, and fold to fit inside your wallet.

5.  Keep a photo of you with your loved ones in your wallet, because we all need a little love reminder.   :)

6.  IMPORTANT:  Once you know which items you are going to put back into your wallet, first lay all the important credit cards and store cards etc. on top of your home office copier glass and make a copy of both the front and back.   Put the photocopies in a paper file folder labeled "Wallet Contents-- Your Name" and file them in your home office paper filing system.   This should be done for every single member in your family using one folder per family member.  You can also scan the photocopies into your computer and create a PDF, but I have mixed feelings about that m.o. for security/privacy purposes if your computer is hacked, stolen, or lost.  Suit yourself.  You could also use some kind of computer backup/cloud system too, but that's not my area of expertise.  Personally, I'd rather use my simple photocopy method and a manilla file folder, even if it is a bit "old school."  Because it's easy, and I like simple!

7.  You need to do this photocopy m.o. (or something similar) in case you ever lose your wallet or it's stolen.  This happened to me once, and it was much easier to cancel my credit cards etc. quickly since I had a photocopy of everything on file at home.  Trust me, if you lose your wallet, you won't be able to remember what was in there, plus you'll be too stressed to deal with it quickly unless you have a copy of the contents elsewhere.  

8.  Once you have a photocopy of everything that's going back into your wallet, put items back into your wallet pockets in an orderly and common sense way, so that you can find things--just like you would do in your paper filing system at home.  Info. is no good to you unless you can find it when you need it.  Pronto!  

9.  Keep a couple of your own biz cards in your wallet.  You never know when you'll meet someone who thinks you're FAB!  And vice versa.

10.  Keep two band-aids in your wallet.  This tip has saved my blistered tootsies while traveling, more than once!  I learned it from a hotel desk clerk when I had a sudden painful foot blister and I hobbled into a nearby hotel to ask desperately where I could buy the nearest band-aid.  He whipped out his wallet, pulled out a band-aid, and I was no longer a damsel in blister distress! Brilliant!  I've kept two band-aids in my wallet ever since.

In praise of organized info., and sentimental photos, in wallets!

Kathryn :) 

Monday, April 7, 2014

"How to be Chic" Blogger's Organized Small Home in New Zealand

I hereby give Fiona, owner of the lovely New Zealand blog How to be Chic, my Beautifully Organized Award! I serendipitously came upon Fiona's blog awhile back and since she lives well in a small space home, I asked her if she'd like a signed copy of my book in exchange for a review of it on her blog.  Not only did she graciously agree to write this wonderfully thorough review about how my book specifically helped her, but she shows you photos of her wonderfully streamlined and organized home too and tells you what action steps she took using tips from my book.  Fiona's home was already organized, so kudos to her for being so motivated that she did even more organizing to make her home life run even more smoothly.

Be sure to check out Fiona's lovely blog.  She has a fun writing style laced with real-life humor and sincerity as she talks about her ongoing journey to live a high-quality lifestyle.

Thanks for reviewing my Small Space Organizing book, Fiona, and I hope it helps your blog readers!

Happy Organizing!

Kathryn :) 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt via My Tiny Terrace

When I walked over to my tiny apartment terrace overlooking our little green pocket park this morning, there was an Easter Egg Hunt going on...

so I ran and grabbed my camera to capture the Kodak moment!

Don't you just love it when life throws you sweet little serendipitous loveliness moments?

All we have to do is remember to notice!

Kathryn :) 

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